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The Coffee and Scribe workshop series began as a simple idea between a mother and a daughter.

What if young adults and teenagers alike, could be inspired to look away from social media for just a few minutes a day, and think about themselves and the bigger picture? 

With apathy ever increasing in a more and more difficult world, it was realized that the coping skills, life lessons and general sense of empowerment that came before was a bit more vague for the current generation.


That's where Coffee + Scribe comes in. 


Coffee and Scribe brings a new, proactive approach to your child's lifelong learning skills. Why go through life on autopilot when you can master your own destiny by searching for clear life goals and aspirations you didn't even know were deep inside you? Don't get stuck on the hamster wheel of life. A large percentage of young adults are asked to make decisions about their futures that may be the wrong ones, or uncertainty sets in as they are still developing their ideas or unsure even how to do so.

The motto of the program? Learn how to run your day to day life so your day to day does not run you. What the girls will learn in this course:

  • How to mind map their thoughts, dreams and aspirations through journaling 
  • How to live with intent rather than working to live 
  • Engaging themselves in confidence boosting and potential through their own belief systems 
  • How to self mentor, and focus on their goals, no matter what that may be, career, family, work, or study.
  • Workshops and seminars in the field of self-development, journaling, self-awareness, goal-setting, self-mentoring, and confidence building


An innovative program like no other, Coffee + scribe is a first, to bring a thoughtful and mindful approach to helping young women gain the empowerment they need to get to where they want to be, for life.


For more info on sessions + dates click on the c+s workshops tab!


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