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Coffee, create, sleep, repeat: the daily pattern for Rola Ghasani, aka THE GIFT STYLIST.

With a passion for design and love of gift giving, it is no wonder Rola ended up a professional GIFT STYLIST that allows her to accentuate her real gift; the ability to make your loved ones cry tears of joy as they unwrap unique, customized, and handcrafted chocolate creations. 

Growing up Australian meant a love for coffee and chocolate: early influences in Rola's work with gift packaging, and we can credit Rola's Lebanese heritage for her fabulous design flair. 

With a design diploma from RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) Rola's entrepreneurial career began as a self-employed graphic designer from graduation day. Fast forward 2 whole, busy and wonderous decades, Rola is enjoying life, married 19 years with three beautiful girls, whom are as every bit as creative as their mom!

Creating unique embellished chocolates, THE GIFT STYLIST  is not only all about the wrapping, the chocolates are damn good too!



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