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This pantry just got STYLED

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Call me obsessed with order and symmetry, that could be the designer in me or maybe I'm just a little OCD. Mix that with my love for "pretty things" and you just know that I can create art, just about out of anything! So if youre anything like me, you can imagine my agony when I had this beautiful walk-in pantry that was a chaotic mess! I had recycled jars of different sizes and colors (cringe!) the pots and pans weren't very pleasing to the eye, and all the spices were in ziploc bags, which apparently is a BIG no-no! Snacks and cereal boxes were everywhere...so it had to be done, I decided to makeover my pantry to make it esthetically pleasing. (I have shared the pics below for inspiration, yes that is my acrobatic child, who was the one who inspired me to redo the pantry, and made me wish I put a lock on it too!!)

If you are looking to tackle a similar project of your own, check out these helpful tips to create your dream of achieving pantry bliss, go on, just do it, you know you want to!

  • First thing...look for you jars and baskets in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels as they offer a large variety of shapes and sizes and are often cheaper than other container retailers.
  • When choosing baskets, stick to one color to keep them all uniform, and you would want to keep them all one height when lined up on the same shelf. Same rule for jars.
  • Labelling your baskets and jars has become so simple these days with the variety of adhesive chalk labels on the market. Just stick it on and you have a cute label that can be used over and over time again. If you print your own labels, make sure you seal them with a clear contact paper. If this is the route you go, hand wipe down the exterior of the jar, so water does not seep into the label and make the ink bleed.
  • If you have tiny hands in the house (or clumsy husband) its probably a good idea to opt for plastic jars instead of glass.
  • Final clever tip: Hide your personal chocolate stash in the basket labeled "canned tomatoes" to make sure everyone else in the house stays clueless to where mummy keeps the goods! (unless you like to share...um, no!)

Enjoy the overhaul! 


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